About Dude’s Coffee

Like so much of life, transformation can come when we least expect it. These two dudes were working in separate companies, living separate lives but had one major thing in a common, passion to live life to the fullest. This passion existed for life, for adventure, and for service. Both hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Conley and Jason were exposed to a thriving industry that both captivated their hearts and their palates. So when Jason mentioned his desire to share and spread his love for coffee, Conley was immediately on board.

Our Coffee

Sourcing from coffee growing regions all over the world, our beans are strictly specialty grade, which is the only top 1%, quality wise, of coffee around the globe. We pride ourselves in not purchasing “commodity” coffee, where profit is the motive above a quality product or ethical practices. Our imported coffee often comes from smaller fincas, farms or co-ops that ensure that our specialty coffee is sustainable, traceable, and ethically farmed in addition to being a high quality product. With a well balanced, nutty and chocolaty taste, our coffee is smooth and rich, with low tone acidity and a long finish. Whether ordering a pound of Dudes Coffee to be delivered to your doorstep or visiting our mobile truck, each and every cup will leave a lasting impression.

Our Mission

Our belief is that to merely exist in this life is not enough. Life is meant to be lived, to be valued and to be filled with a passion that drives us forward each and every day. Whether we serve you a cup before a day of surfing the California waves or before a board meeting in your big corporate office, we want to be the vessel that puts in motion a day of life living. There is no right way or right time to enjoy coffee, and our goal is to make sure that regardless of when and where you drink it, you are not only enjoying the incredible tastes and aromas but being reminded that this cup is small fragment of the great masterpiece that is your life. We are here to remind you to take a second, take a sip, and breath this beautiful life in. We want our coffee to be a staple in your home and in your life.